Perfume “Plitvice”

$ 52.00

Women parfume


1.7 FL. OZ.

50 ml

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Premium product, the first Plitvice perfume

The perfume’s main scent comes from one of the autochthonous orchids from the Plitvice area, moss necessary for the waterfalls’ tufa, plums which are very significant for Lika, and lilies which are abundant in the forests of Velebit near Plitvice.

The message “Fall in love” is etched under the cover. It invites you to fall in love with the perfume and reminds you of the waterfalls. The box is covered with waterfall droplets, and the scent is fresh like the experience of visiting Plitvice.

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CRO – Moguće naručivanje uz plaćanje pouzećem; email

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