How to enjoy Plitvice during the summer season!


The Plitvice Lakes County contains many things tourists love, especially regarding active vacationing. This involves a lot of walking, climbing, spending time in nature, and, most importantly, planning.

For that purpose, the Tourist Board of the Plitvice Lakes County has launched the website Plitvice Active which includes all the information necessary for a successful active vacation.

Here we highlight some of the advice for everyone who wants to visit the area, the national park, as well as other local points of interest.

Each of these trips takes several hours, and if you follow the advice given here, your visit to the Plitvice Lakes County during high season will be unforgettable!

Stay informed about the length and duration of the activities
Many tourists do not anticipate that some trips take almost a full day to complete so they often come unprepared or miss some things they wanted to see. In order to avoid this, check the length of particular routes in the Park, cycling trails, hikes and similar activities. Only then will your experience be exactly as you have imagined it and you’ll be able to see everything you planned to see.

Pack appropriate clothes and footwear
Conquering some of the cycling trails, climbing the Plješivica or spending a whole day in the national park requires everyone to prepare appropriate clothes and footwear. Pack comfortable gear, prepare for possible rainfall, and definitely bring an extra layer of clothes. Our destination is heaven for the adventuring types so don’t ruin your trip because of inappropriate shoes.

Protect yourselves from rain and the sun, and check the weather forecast
Bring protection! An umbrella, raincoat, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen, especially if you are travelling with children. Make sure to also pack some food and water for a couple of pleasant breaks in nature.

If you want to avoid crowds, visit the national park in the afternoon
For those who are not fans of large crowds, we recommend you visit the park in the afternoon, after 4 PM, when the ticket is cheaper. You will have time to see everything, and you will be able to use the free time in the morning for numerous other activities available in the area.

Make sure you follow the advice and you will be ready to properly plan your vacation in the Plitvice Lakes County!

PHOTO: Sonam Lakhani / My Haute Life