TOMORROW Come to 9th Bear`s Garlic Day in Korenica!


The tasty gastronomical festival „Bear’s Garlic Day“, dedicated to this delicious plant (wild garlic, ramsons) related to onions and garlic will once again be held this year in the Plitvice Lakes Municipality.

The festival is jointly organized by the Plitvice Lakes Municipality and the Plitvice Lakes Municipality Tourist Board, and it is dedicated to this springtime specialty which bears love when they wake up from hibernation. This traditional festival is an ideal opportunity for the inhabitants of Lika and their guests to better get to know this edible and medicinal plant.

The 9th „Bear’s Garlic Day“ will be held on Saturday, 24 May, in the centre of Korenica, in front of the library, where some of the hospitality establishments, family farms, the high school and kindergarten will offer various dishes featuring this healthy and tasty plant.

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste domestic specialty dishes with bear’s garlic and there will also be a short cultural-artistic programme.

In addition to enjoying bear’s garlic, the festival is a great opportunity to spend time in nature. There will be organized hiking tours with the possibility to go pick bear’s garlic, and visitors will be able to have lunch in nature.

Come to Korenica for Bear’s Garlic Day, taste what we have to offer and enjoy the magnificent nature of the Plitvice area!