Plitvice lakes on the cover of an Italian magazine “Dove”

Photo: Unsplash (Joshua Humpfer)

In its September issue, the Italian tourist magazine “Dove” devoted a large reportage to Croatia and its natural heritage, reports

The reportage describes the beauty of continental Croatia, which is more and more attractive to foreign tourists every year, highlighting locations from Plitvice Lakes, Lonjsko polje and Kopački Rit to the Sava and Danube areas. The report is the result of a study trip organized by the Croatian Tourist Board and its Representative Office in Italy, i.e. in cooperation with the system of tourist boards.

This valuable and promotionally significant announcement brings many useful information and links, such as how to get to Croatia and the mentioned localities, what to taste, where to stay, what to visit and how to best spend an active vacation. In his reportage, the author Riccardo Lagorio also gives an overview of the 10-day trip and brings his experiences during the said period.

He particularly highlighted the exploration of the area by bicycle, boat, kayak or on horse, and attractive and exciting content for fans of active tourism. As well as for admirers of history and cultural tourism. Also, the author states in his reportage that you can reach Ilok through the vineyards and taste delicacies and traditional dishes with a glass of top-quality wine.

Let’s add that the monthly “Dove” is read by more than 250,000 readers, it is the most influential tourist publication. Apart from the magazine currently on sale, “Dove” is widely read on the portal of the respected Italian daily newspaper “Corriere della sera“. Publications of this type are extremely valuable because active tourism and staying in nature has become a very sought-after element of Croatia’s entire tourist offer.

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