Trio Set For Dry Skin (Soap + Tonic + Oil)


White clay soap (100 g) will gently cleanse dry and sensitive skin. White clay will reduce redness of the skin, and its particles will remove dead cells from the skin. Use soap as the second step in the “double cleanse” method of removing makeup and products.

Rosea tonic (50 ml) has a very hydrating base of red algae extract, aloe vera gel and plant collagen. In addition to nourishing the skin, the tonic will also have an antioxidant effect due to the rose hydrolate. Apply it daily after cleansing, to prepare the skin for other products.

Mairi 3in1 Dry Oil (30 ml) is rich in natural oils and ingredients that are naturally found in your skin, making it perfect for hydrating the face, body and hair tips. Oil lovers can treat themselves to a relaxing evening facial massage and at the same time enjoy the combination of the scents of macadamia, almonds and roses.

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