Tourist stories from yesterday are available in 15 foreign languages!


Tourist stories from yesterday are available in 15 foreign languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Slovenian, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Swedish and Dutch.

This step forward aims to further promote tourist stories from all over Croatia and destinations from Lijepa naša in our emitting markets.

The tourist lifestyle portal TurističkePrič was launched in April last year with the aim promotion of tourist destinations, our tourist stories and Croatia as a tourist destination, which is intended for the general public.

For the first time, our lesser-known tourist stories and stories from all over Croatia, not only from the Adriatic, go to all emitting markets. Tourist stories usually tell interesting and indigenous stories about our destinations, and we especially emphasize the stories of rural areas, our nature parks and national parks. We were quickly recognized by tourists eager for such information, and our texts immediately began to be read mostly on the Hungarian, Polish, Czech and Russian markets. The goal is to promote TOURIST STORIES from all over Lijepa naša, points out Mirjam Jukić, editor-in-chief of the Tourist Stories portal.

In less than a year on the Tourist Stories portal, they have published 1567 tourist stories from all over Croatia – and counting…

Last minute offers of hotel and private accommodation

In the current situation where the tourist season is in question, our tourism now needs the greatest support and help, and the meaning of the portal and the main guiding thread is the promotion of tourist destinations, content and Croatia as a tourist destination.

This year it will dominate last minute offer, and anyone who wants to publish their offers for free should contact with his offer. Last year Last minute Croatia as well as the Viber community Croatia Last Minute Deals played an important role in directly connecting guests and accommodation providers, without commission and intermediaries.


SOURCE: Turističke priče