189KM/H Storm Chasing Team Senj measured the srength of Bora wind!


Yesterday at 11 am Storm Chasing Team Senj measured the strength of wind called Bora and the result was impressive – 189km/h.

At their famous measuring point, near the fortress Nehaj, brave members of the Storm Chasing Team Senj exposed themselves to the attack of the famous Bora and, as usual, deserved the admiration of their fellow citizens.

Of all the Croatian littoral, Senj area is the most exposed to the Bora wind.

“The Bora is born in Trieste, it gathers its force in Rijeka and reaches full magnitude in Senj.”

In Senj, the Bora outbreaks are the most frequent, longest lasting and strongest on the Adriatic. This natural phenomenon is extremely interesting to scientists and the Bora of Senj has been the subject of study for a long time.

It is characterised quite rightly by the most extreme epithets because it starts to blow suddenly and immediately with great strength, always spasmodically and from a wide range of directions, from the north (when it is a relative of the Tramontana) almost all the way to the east, when it is already blowing from the quadrant near south.

PHOTO: Storm Chasing Team Senj

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