Be careful when visiting Northern Velebit National Park: “A wonderful sunny day can turn into a snowstorm in an instant”


The Northern Velebit National Park informs all visitors that the main entrance to Babić Siča is currently closed, and that all visitors visit the Park at their own risk.

The road from Altar towards the entrance to Babić Sič and Zavižan is closed to traffic until April 15, 2024.
Winter equipment, both for vehicles and for personal use (shoes, warm winter clothes), is mandatory. The weather during this period is extremely unstable and a wonderful sunny day can turn into a snow blizzard in an instant.
We ask you to heed our warning and thereby prevent endangering both your lives and the lives of persons who are obliged to intervene and save you in the event of an accident”, announced the Management of the National Park Northern Velebit .
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