INTERVIEW Melli Aromatica: We are a small country, but we have capable and motivated people with top ideas!

We are pleased that the offer and quality are growing in Croatia, that women have the opportunity to choose and support Croatian female entrepreneurs.

Natural cosmetics production in Croatia grows more each year. One of them is our new partner – Melli Aromatica. Mother and daughter created the brand and developed the bussines inspired by family.

Melli Aromatica products are listed in out webshop and you can check is out HERE.

We talked to Ivana Grčić, the daughter and here is the story about their family bussines.

How was Melli Aromatica created and who is part of the story?

Melli Aromatica is a brand of premium natural cosmetics from Samobor run by my mother and me. Mother Vesna has been in love with nature and plants since she was a child. She awakened her love for plants because of her son’s asthma by making creams that could make him breathe easier. After the cream, she started making natural soaps, logo soaps, bath salts, body scrubs, creams and lotions. I then joined through writing as a journalism student and opened up profiles on social media.

Today I also run our webshop. Colleague Andrea from the university started helping me recently. Also, there is a designer Karlo in charge of the brand’s visual identity. On the path of brand development, we have both gone through changes. Personally, we use only natural products at every step and we try to encourage people to make positive changes because we believe that together we can change the world for the better.

How do you choose the ingredients for the products and what can be found in your offer?

Quality before quantity” is our guiding thread from the first day. Mom is an aromatherapist and she is in charge of all the formulations of our products. All the ingredients we use are high-quality herbal ingredients, not tested on animals and carefully selected. All products are handmade in our laboratory in Samobor. We offer the Natureli line, which consists of white and green clay soaps, lavender soaps, bath salts, collagen facial tonics, hyaluronic serums and creams, dry oils, body and hand lotions and lip balms.

How difficult is it to start and develop the production of cosmetics in Croatia?

If you have a strong will and desire to realize your dream, nothing is difficult to start. Although the process of obtaining all the papers takes a very long time, it is something to be prepared for because you often find yourself missing “another paper”. It takes patience and continuous monitoring of tenders that can help and make your business easier.

Tell us something about the offer of natural cosmetics on the Croatian market and how are we ranked compared to other countries.

The offer of natural cosmetics in Croatia, as well as in the world, is growing and new brands are constantly emerging! We are pleased that the offer and quality are growing in Croatia, that women have the opportunity to choose and support Croatian female entrepreneurs and that they are increasingly turning to natural ingredients. For all of us who produce natural cosmetics, the goal is to educate women and provide them with the best from Melli offer. We are a small country, but we have capable and motivated people with top ideas! We are happy with every success of small entrepreneurs.

How has the Corona pandemic affected business, production and idea creation?

The Corona pandemic hit us the hardest in the summer season of 2020. Until then, we also made small gift packages that included logos soaps, bath salts and lavender bags for apartments and souvenirs. That first summer we felt that the world had stopped, but it did not push us off the path because we didn’t lack the ideas. We focused our energy on creating a webshop that we opened at the end of that summer, which made our business much easier. In the same year, we opened the first point of sale in Samobor, which was very well accepted by our fellow citizens. After the initial summer shock, we got back on track and got the best out of the situation at the time.

You recently released a new collection of products. What else can we expect in the future?

Yes, we recently launched a brand new product line – the Eco Laundry Line which consists of Eco Detergent and Eco Softener. We participated in the Start Croatia project and designed a new line exclusively for Spar Croatia. I believe that this is just the beginning of our products intended for the ecological maintenance of the household. This line will help people become aware of the benefits of using natural products in the household. We are proud that the line is safe for all members of the household, including babies and people with skin diseases, allergies and sensitive skin. Both products are vegan, microplastic-free and biodegradable. The eco line was created because of my daughter. The visions and dreams we have for this line are great and we can’t wait to make them come true!

Check out the Melli Aromatica offer: 

Trio Set For Dry Skin (Soap + Tonic + Oil)

ITA Body And Hand Lotion 100 ml

SVEA Anti-age Cream 50 ml