Visiting the lakes with kids? No problem! Here are some pieces of advice


Lakes, waterfalls, and forests make Plitvice Lakes national park an exciting place to explore for kids of all ages, whether you’re an experienced mountaineer or just looking for a fun place to visit with your little ones. In this article, we’ve put together some tips to make visiting Plitvice Lakes easier and more enjoyable for your little ones. After reading these tips, we hope that you’ll find it easier for your little ones to explore and make new memories at the National Park.


The natural beauty of the Plitvice Lakes National Park will delight every visitor – emerald and turquoise lakes, gurgling water, roaring waterfalls, all while absorbing the sights and sounds of the forest environment. Start the day early to avoid the rush, to have time to rest, to avoid the crowds and to see the entire lakes.


If your child cannot walk for a long time or cannot walk at all, a stroller may be the best option as it provides safety and practicality. However, if you decide to go for a stroller walk in Plitvice Lakes national park, be aware that you’ll be walking on uneven terrain, on sand, on wooden paths and up and down a lot of stairs. This will only make you more nervous, and the kids and you will definitely not feel like you’re on vacation. To walk more safely and more relaxed, we recommend you choose a carrier for children – also known as a “kangaroo” – as the child will be under your supervision and you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature more.


A large meadow, with a panoramic view of the lake and forest on the opposite side, is the perfect place to relax and have a bite to eat. The bistro terrace and the meadow are perfect places to spend your vacation. Wooden tables and benches line the meadow, where you can enjoy your vacation with your family while listening to the sounds of nature, chirping birds and the sound of waterfalls from the upper lakes. You can also spot electric boats landing and sailing to the other end of the lake.


In the 80s, skiing and sledding were included in the winter offer of Plitvice Lakes national park, in addition to visits to the lakes themselves. Over the years, the offer has evolved, and today you can rent ski, snowboard and sledding equipment for kids and adults. Ski resort is situated in the village of Mukinje. Skiing and sledding are completely dependent on the weather conditions, that is to say, snow and the amount of snow. Sledding is one of the most popular forms of recreation and entertainment in the country that will bring you back to your childhood.


You’ll want to keep an eye on your little one during the visit, by holding their hand or even carrying them in some places. Older children will want to learn how to read signs, and follow them as they walk through the park. It’s important to note that you don’t get off the designated paths. Always walk on the right side as you walk through the Park, and teach your children about the right side of the road as well. The terrain of the Park is diverse, with chestnut wood path, sandy path, stone path and dirt road, so keep this in mind as you move through the park.

SOURCE: NP Plitvice Lakes

PHOTO: Unsplash

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