Assouline releases ‘AlUla Ever’ – a stylish tribute to the ancient oasis city’s multi-faceted appeal

Luxury publisher Assouline takes readers on an immersive journey through AlUla, curated to capture the ancient oasis city’s seamless fusion of old and new ‘AlUla Ever’, part of Assouline’s...

  • Luxury publisher Assouline takes readers on an immersive journey through AlUla, curated to capture the ancient oasis city’s seamless fusion of old and new
  • ‘AlUla Ever’, part of Assouline’s iconic Travel Series, is now available to purchase online and in select bookstores within the GCC


The historic destination of AlUla in north-west Saudi Arabia has been immortalised in AlUla Ever, the latest release from luxury publisher Assouline. Featuring visually rich stories and compelling narratives, the essence of AlUla is expertly captured and communicated through Assouline’s unparalleled signature style.

Released today across the GCC, the new addition to the Assouline’s Travel Series takes readers on an artfully curated journey through 288 pages that showcase AlUla’s extraordinary geological landscapes, monumental heritage sites, and vibrant arts and culture scene. Comprising a vast collection of original photographs and illustrations accompanied by the evocative prose of French journalist Jérôme Garcin, AlUla Ever reflects the authentic appeal of this unique luxury heritage boutique destination.

Offering intriguing insights into AlUla’s seamless fusion of old and new, the culture-focused travel tome aptly demonstrates how the destination embraces innovation and progress while remaining true to the integrity and authenticity of its culture, history and heritage. Featuring an eclectic mix of images depicting the unique customs, traditions, and genuine hospitality of AlUla, the collectible brings together the rich cultural tapestry that makes the AlUla experience truly exceptional.

A largely undiscovered masterpiece spanning over 200,000 years of human history, AlUla has only recently opened to international visitors. A place of extraordinary human and natural heritage, AlUla is where the ancient Nabataean civilisation chose for their principal southern city, second only to Petra now located in modern-day Jordan, and where the kingdoms of Dadan and Lihyan ruled vast areas across the peninsula.

Each progressive civilisation has left its indelible mark on AlUla, which can be witnessed in the remarkably well-preserved monuments at Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO heritage site, and at Jabal Ikmah, the world’s largest open-air library recently inscribed in the UNESCO Memory of the World register. In AlUla Old Town, which was awarded UNTWO Best Tourism Village in 2022, a labyrinth of narrow streets lined by more than 900 traditional mud brick buildings, the echo of the generations that continuously inhabited the area from around the 12th century until the more recent 1980s can still be felt.

AlUla’s future development is centred around responsible growth that benefits local populations and future generations, with a focus on sustainable, ‘light-touch’ tourism.

The release of ‘AlUla Ever’ comes as the destination wholly embraces its traditional arts and culture, sharing it with the world while also inviting local and international artists to be part of the modern future of art within the city. In addition to programs at art school Madrasat Addeera, offering the opportunity to revitalise skills in the ancient handicrafts and jewellery, textiles and leatherwork, 2024 will welcome the third edition of Desert X AlUla – a juxtaposition of contemporary land art set against ancient landscapes, showcasing the essence of AlUla’s creative spirit. And in 2025 the first five artworks will be installed in Wadi AlFann – a global art destination offering a profound cultural experience through era-defining permanent artworks that will exist in harmony with awe-inspiring landscape.

Central to AlUla’s appeal is its ability to transport visitors on a transformative journey where the ancient and contemporary seamlessly intertwine. By immersing themselves in the cultural richness, natural beauty, and authentic spirit embodied by AlUla, travellers have the opportunity to create cherished memories and forge a profound connection with this extraordinary destination – a place that maintains deep roots in its history and heritage but is continuously evolving with its eyes fixed firmly on the future.

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