IT`S OUR 1st BIRTHDAY Top 5 articles you liked the most!


It’s our first birthday! Exactly one year ago today, we took a big step and started this project.

Our first year with you has been the most special, and we want to thank everyone who has supported us, most especially our dear readers.

In honour of our birthday,  we selected top 5 articled you liked the most, and we celebrate with another special surprise for you guys. Go to the end of the article, click on the video and let`s celebrate together entire October!

The legend of the Black Queen

The Legend of the Black Queen – a reason to visit Plitvice Lakes


25 very cool Tesla Tattoos

FROM AROUND THE WORLD 25 coolest Tesla tattoos!

Romantic engagement by Rich and Nadia

Rich planned it for four months, and Nadia had no idea!

The story about Plitvice Perfume

EXCLUSIVE Plitvice’s very own Perfume! Premium quality with orchid and plum!

Winter virtual tour

Plitvice Lakes winter virtual tour

And here is our gift to you. Thank you and keep reading! 🙂