FROM AROUND THE WORLD 25 coolest Tesla tattoos!


Did you know that Nikola Tesla tattoos are very, very popular? Yes, like a true rock star, the father of electricity portraits are often requested at tattoo shops.

They are unconventional, with surrealistic designs and graphic effects. Some are indeed connected to electricity and science, while others are simply crazy and creative! The unabashed mystery of the famed inventor is already rooted in symbolism.

Tesla’s progressive thinking has become an icon for moving forward and pushing for intellectual growth. A Tesla tattoo can also be used as a touchstone to continue your perseverance, whether mentally or spiritually, and some tattoo artists sometimes look to him as a symbol of fortitude.

Are you an admirer of this legend of science? Then indulge in these fascinating Nikola Tesla tattoos…

Amazed & still at awe after tightening & completing this leg sleeve project recently in Singapore. Some parts are still healing & flaking. Hands down & mad respect to @xxlowell for enduring too much from late night & back to back long sittings. Much love for @xxlowell & @_a.n.n.3_ for taking good care of me on my stay .❤ The Sciece Project Nikola Tesla – Free energy for all or the highly criticized Tesla’s death tower that can shoot enemy planes with jolts of lightnings. Albert Einstein – Discovery of atomic reaction which hugely contributed and made possible the invention of atomic bombs. ENOLA GAY the first war plane to dropped an atomic bomb at Hiroshima Japon during WWII. Stephen Hawking – Huge contribution to understanding of all of physics, combining the quantum mechanics and classical physics into a unified approach which explains the laws of the universe. Black holes & Relativity. 📞09228366614 Instagram: vincetorrefranca E.mail: #thesweetspottattoo #vincetorrefrancatattoo #tattooprotectfilm #avatattoo #paddyirons #cphcartridges #gt6pen #einsteintattoo #nikolateslatattoo #teslatattoo #stephenhawkingtattoo

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PHOTO: Stevi Monie Tattoos, OConnor Tattoo