Autumn at the sea? Totally YES!


Temperatures are mild, you’re neither hot nor cold. It’s easier to breathe, there’s no heat wave, and you can go out without having to worry about whether you put on sunscreen. You will not waste precious time waiting in various lines, so you will have more time for yourself and your favourite activities.

Autumn conceals many of its beauties, and one of them is sailing. Yes, sailing! Many associate the sea solely with summer, thereby neglecting other seasons, especially autumn. Sailing in Croatia in the fall is truly magical, “sea” for yourself…

Crowds are totally out

You can forget long line-ups on roads, traffic jams at the border, crowds at the airport, and squeezing in between other boats in beautiful bays.

There is no longer any need to rush to ports to find an available cleat. A free spot in the harbour, marina, or mooring buoy in the bay will certainly be waiting for you because the “summer captains” are done with their sailing. What is more, many places no longer charge mooring fees so you have free parking for your vessel.

Appreciate autumn temperatures

After a hectic summer, the craze for charters subsides so that you will be able to sail out of the marina on the very boat you picked out. Temperatures are slightly lower, making a day’s worth of exploring hidden bays in the Adriatic all the more comfortable. As you defy the Adriatic, your better half can savour the autumn sun worry-free.

A sailor’s dream

Autumn brings many advantages – the winds are more stable, there are more of them, and they blow at steady speeds without major fluctuations. Also, due to more frequent and lengthier night-time humidity, your boat rinses itself from salt water droplets, giving you more time to enjoy sailing and less time worrying about cleaning. Alone on the open sea, seagulls flying overhead, and the only sound you hear are not motors but the hum of the sea as you boldly defy it with the power of the wind and your sails.

This is every sailor’s dream!

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