Autumn is an ideal time to enjoy the motorcycle trails


In the Plitvice Lakes municipality area, two very interesting motorcycle trails of different lengths were officially presented. The first and shorter, from Plitvice Lakes to Dobroselo and the other, longer and more demanding, from Korenica to Gospić.

Today we will “take a ride” on the first one – the 66 kilometres long trail that runs from Plitvice Lakes to Dobroselo and get to know Plitvice area on two fast wheels.

By the state road D1 we head south and pass through the romantic village Jezerce. Then we enter Korenica, and in Bjelopolje we turn left in the direction of Donji Lapac. We are now on 27 kilometres long part of the route surrounded by beautiful pine forest and green hills.

A relatively wide road is in some places of exceptionally good quality, so we can evaluate the grip as good. However, you should be careful because, depending on the season and weather conditions, the road sections that pass through the forest can be slippery.

In Bjelopolje we are at about 600 meters altitude and in Frkašić at 830! The ambience is spectacular and this is one of the most beautiful mountain roads in Croatia! The highest point of the route is a mini-pass at the altitude of 1100 meters.

The road continues down in the direction of Dnopolje and Donji Lapac, where the route slowly begins to lose on the dynamics.

Our adventure ends in Dobroselo where you can take a short break and head towards the state road D1 or repeat all together one more time! The gorgeous ride will take about an hour, but unique memories will last forever!

Soon we will introduce another motorcycle route from Korenica to Gospić, and until then try this one and experience the Plitvice Region in a different way!