BACK WITH GREAT NEWS Our cover couple again in Lika-Senj County


Remember Georgie and Adam, our cover couple from the winter issue? During the last winter they were living in Lika and in a very fun interview, they both shared the reasons for coming to Lika from California, and why they even consider moving here.

the tasty travellers

Well, it all started in California, where I showed Adam, my boyfriend, a picture of Plitvice Lakes, the ever famous walkway, and he instantly fell in love with it! We were on a European road trip from the UK when we made our way to Croatia! We searched Airbnb for a place to stay throughout the whole of Croatia, but fell in love with this farmhouse just outside of Otočac!

When we arrived, we discovered the Bear Sanctuary in Kuterevo and Adam went to volunteer 3 days a week! We had planned to stay for only 2 months, but that soon turned into 3, and by the middle of our 3rd month we had bought an old Mercedes van in Karlobag and decided we would both like to volunteer at the sanctuary over the winter whilst we renovate our van and experience this extreme Lika winter that everybody talks about!

After a short break, they are back expecting the most special moment in their life. Georgie is pregnant and in the meantime, they love to read Plitvice Times.

In case you missed it HERE you can find out more why they chose Lika as their new home and make sure to follow them on social media!

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