A beary good trip!


Small bear zoo in Korenica is a very (beary) special place, that tourists love to visit. One of them was Carla Alonso from Spain, a true travel lover.

“We heard the story about the bears so we decided to visit. We really liked the opportunity of seeing them so close. We saw two bears and one of them was really funny playing with a trunk while having a bath. Then two of them fighted for the puddle, as it was really hot!”

Carla also visited Plitvice at that time when everything is green and blue…

“I loved the color of water, it fascinated me as well as the the paths that mix with nature. We were told that there are some poisonous snakes in the Park and during our visit we heard something moving… hopefully it was a little bird.”

As the Park is huge and they were not able to see everything in one day, she would like to visit in another season when colors change…

PHOTO: Carla Alonso