BEST BEACHES The Zavratnica Bay

Beaches in Lika-Senj County

Zavratnica is certainly one of the most beautiful bays of the Croatian coast. This 900 meters deep bay is often called fjord but this is not the same type of bay as the Norwegian fjords. Zavratnica bay was created by the streams of water flowing down Velebit mountain that created this deep canyon and later sunk when the sea level rose up.

There is also a wreck of a German military ship sunken by the Allies in WWII in Zavratnica which makes this place a great diving spot even for the kids since the wreck is only a few meters below the surface!

You can reach Zavratnica from Jablanac, a ferry port for the island of Rab, in a 30 minutes walk down a path along the sea. If you prefer hiking or are seeking adventure, take a trail from the village of Zavratnica.

PHOTO: Nino Salkić/The Plitvice Times

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