Best Things To Do In Croatia In Winter

Photo: Unsplash (Maarten Duineveld)

The thing about Croatia, too, is that it is not only a fantastic summer destination, but Croatia in winter is magnificent as well. It’s often a more enjoyable experience to visit Croatia outside the peak summer months, reports

Frozen waterfalls

As gorgeous (and busy) as the park is in summer, it’s magical and wonderfully serene in winter. A visit to a frozen-over Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most incredible things to do in Croatia.


There are several different places in Croatia where you can enjoy winter sports, whether skiing, sledding, tobogganing, Nordic skiing, or ice skating.

Sljeme ski resort

The main event at this popular ski destination is the annual Snow Queen Trophy, a competition that’s part of the FIS Ski World Cup and occurs every January. Non-professional skiers and winter sports enthusiasts can also enjoy a variety of slopes and runs here.

Platak ski resort

Platak is an excellent destination for everyone, from families with small children to recreational and even professional skiers and snowboarders. Non-skiers also visit the area simply to enjoy its gorgeous winter scenery.

Mukinje ski resort

The average slope gradient at Mukinje Ski Resort is only 15%, making this a suitable destination to learn how to ski or snowboard. Most slopes are also great for sleighing and sledding.

Čelimbaša ski resort

This resort has three different ski trails, all of which have different lengths. The longest of the three, the Tourist Trail, is 1,400 meters long and has the gentlest grade. Tobogganing is possible here, too. The Sunny Trail is roughly 1,000 meters long, while the Black Path is 500 meters long and the ski resort’s steepest run.

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