BIG INCREASE Number of tourist accommodation facilities in Croatia up 7%!


There were 236,700 tourist accommodation facilities in Croatia at the end of August, which is an increase of 15,700 or 7.1% on the same period last year, and most of them were categorised as non-commercial or household facilities, while the number of hotels rose by 38 to 1,199.

Data from the eVisitor tourist registration application indicates that there were 1.7 million beds in Croatia as of 31 August, which is 5% or 93,000 more on the year. Most of these, or 634,000, were in household facilities, representing a share of 37.3% of all beds, compared to 37% at the same time in 2018.

The largest increase in the number of beds was recorded in non-commercial or household facilities. There were 113,000 facilities in this category with 502,000 beds, which is an increase of 8.6% or about 10,000 facilities and an increase of 8.1% or 38,000 beds year on year.

Share of hotel beds falls slightly to 10.4%

At the end of August there were 1,199 hotels in Croatia with 177,400 beds in all, which is an increase of 3.2% or 38 more hotels than in August last year, while the number of beds rose by 6,900 or 4% year on year. However, the share of hotel beds fell to 10.4% from 10.5% at the end of August last year.

This year there were three more campsites, bringing their number to 502 with a total of almost 247,400 beds or 2,200 beds more than last year, up 1% year on year. The share of camp beds was 14.5% compared to 15.1% last year.


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