Brown Bear Family filmed on Velebit


A few days ago a YouTube channel owned by Pavle Balenović published a video called Brown Bear Family (Velebit). It is quite a rare footage of a bear family  – a mother bear and two cubs, filmed on this beautiful mountain. The talented author publishes many similar, very special nature videos so make sure to check out his YouTube channel.

Here is what Pavle Balenović  writes about the video:

“Throughout many years, I have discovered many beautiful, untouched places, many remote wild oases that still guarantee peace and safety for wild animals. Generations of species are being renewed in accordance with the rules of nature. I was always very happy to see again the same wild creature that managed to survive all the risks and hardships that the cold winter demands.

I have been meeting the same bear for a number of years now and I believe that there is at least a limited trust between us. The beautiful landscape in which they live would not be complete when the bear would not be.

Yet fear of endangering their security exists. Bear’s worst enemy is a man who can hardly be trusted today. An insatiable and greedy being who takes away both peace and space even from its own kind. I’m more and more wondering if the revelation of my recordings makes sense. In fact, together with the described experience, these information may be misused to the detriment of wild creatures.”

To see the video click HERE!

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