BUILDING THE ADRION Indulging all Five Senses in the Velebit area


Public institution ZADRA NOVA – Zadar County Development Agency hosted a two-day partner meeting as part of the project “Building the ADRION Brand Name in Tourism: Indulging All Five Senses – ADRION 5 SENSES”.

The ADRION 5 SENSES project aims to create a new tourism product that stimulates all five senses, and the representatives of the partner institutions felt firsthand the senses of the Zadar region as the event took place on Velebit.

The scent of medicinal herbs, breathtaking views, home-made food, the sound of silence, the texture of stone, fertile valleys and the Adriatic sea…

The ADRION area has a high potential for further development of sustainable tourism; however, tourism suffers from several weaknesses. The common territorial challenge to be addressed by ADRION 5 SENSES is the lack of a sustainable tourism model based on innovative, high-quality tourism products and services.

The project suggests a holistic approach to sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch to develop effective branding strategies and boost the performance of ADRION destination by creating conditions to enhance tourist experiences. This integrated approach (sensory marketing) is new and innovative for the ADRION area.

The overall objective is to build and promote the ADRION brand name in tourism by indulging all five senses of tourists.

The project aims to use technology for the co-creation of enhanced destination experiences. The ADRION destination has the opportunity to better address the multi-sensory nature of the tourist experience in order to design experiences by exploring the potential of ICT

PHOTO: Milan Krznarić