CHELSEA MARKET Take a walk with us to the largest market in New York where Oreo cookies were invented!


Located in the heart of New York’s Meatpacking District, the Chelsea Market complex occupies an entire city block.

Chelsea Market opened its doors 20 years ago. The Market was moved into the old Nabisco factory, which has been located there since the end of the 19th century. Oreo biscuits were invented on its premises. Today it is one of the largest and best indoor food and retail markets in the world. This favorite destination of locals and travelers is a real paradise for lovers of good food that attracts 6 million visitors a year.

Explore the Chelsea market in 5.7K quality virtual reality!

Viewing instructions:

• If you are watching the video on your mobile phone, turn the screen to the right or left and see the surroundings

• if you are watching the video via laptop or computer, right-click and drag right or nice and look around

• if you watch the video via VR headset, switch to 360 videos and enjoy the complete impression!

The video is recorded by the Prilika Group agency in VR 360 technology.