Commercial accommodation had fewer beds, non-commercial 10% more


In August 2020, there were over 1.75 million beds in tourist accommodation, including 1.2 million in commercial and 555,000 in non-commercial accommodation, down 0.7% and up 10% on the year respectively, according to eVisitor.

Commercial accommodation accounted for 79.4% of all overnights (16.7 million), down 40% from August 2019.

Private accommodation, with 615,500 beds, accounted for 51.6% of all commercial beds, although it had 14,000 fewer beds than in August 2019. This type of accommodation accounted for 46% of all overnights (9.6 million), down 31.2% on the year.

Campsites accounted for 15.3% of all August overnights (3.2 million), down 47.6% on the year, although they offered 3,000 more beds, 255,200 in all, accounting for 21.4% of all beds.

Hotels had 176,500 beds, 1,100 more than in August 2019, accounting for 15% of all commercial beds and for 12% of all overnights, i.e. 2.5 million, down 51% on the year.

Accommodation on family farms had 2,600 beds, 182 more than in August 2019, and recorded 26,000 overnights, down 15% year on year.

Other commercial accommodation had 132,400 beds, 2,450 more than in August 2019, and recorded 1.3 million overnights, down 41.5% on the year.

Nautical tourism recorded 586,000 overnights in August 2020, down 25.1% on the year.

Non-commercial accommodation recorded 3.7 million overnights, down 16.5% on the year, accounting for 17.7% of all August 2020 overnights.



PHOTO: Josip Durdov

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