CROATIAN WALKING FESTIVAL Check out the Gacka and Tesla trails!


After a very successful first year, the second Croatian Walking Festival will be held in Lika in September.

The host cities are Gospić and Otočac, where participants will be able to choose between several routes with different intensity and now we know how they will look like. And now we know how the trails will look like!


September 7th is reserved for Gospić, where all registered “walkers” will have to master three trails (10+ 20+ and 30+ kilometres) symbolically called Tesla.


On September 8th, the event will be continued in Otočac on Gacka trails (again 10+ 20+ and 30+ kilometres long).

Walking Categories:

  • 30+ kilometres 2 days (Gospić Tesla 30+ and Otočac Gacka 30+)
  • 20+ kilometres 2 days (Gospić Tesla 20+ and Otočac Gacka 20+)
  • 30+ kilometres 1 day (Gospić Tesla 30+ or Otočac Gacka 30+)
  • 20+ kilometres 1 day ( Gospić Tesla 30+ or Otočac Gacka 30+)
  • 10+ kilometres 1 day (Gospić Tesla 10+ or Otočac Gacka 10+)

The registration fee for the Croatian Walking Festival includes:

  • Croatian Walking Festival organisation
  • on-line and on-site registration
  • Croatian Walking Festival t-shirt
  • water during the walk
  • fresh fruit for refreshment during the walk
  • toilets at refreshment points
  • Festival participant acknowledgement


festival hodanja

Last year, about five hundred walkers walked through Lika and it is assumed that this year the number of walkers will double at least.

festival hodanja

There are many benefits of professional as well as recreational walking and one of the most famous facts is that every minute you spend walking you can prolong your life for one and a half to two minutes! It is a great motive for people who want to do something good for their health, but also to have a good time and enjoy the untouched nature to become participants of the second edition of Croatian Walking Festival.

The application period lasts until August 30th 2019 and to APPLY GO HERE. Transportation between the two cities is included in the festival fee.

The festival is organized by the Croatian Walking Association and co-organized by the Lika-Senj County Tourist Board and Lika travel d.o.o.

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