Electric boats on Plitvice Lakes

Experience that will rock your boat...

One of the best experiences you will have during the visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park is definitely boat ride across the Lakes.

After looking at their beauty for a few hours, the time will come to actually “become a part” of the lakes. No swimming you guys, we talk about boat rides. Stand in line, wait for your boat, and listen what the boat crew has to say. Boats do not have closed cabins so you will experience the feeling of wind in your face, fresh air, make friends with fishes and hug someone special.

So, first of all when buying tickets, if you want to be on the boat, be sure to pick the right programme that include boat rides.

The ride lasts about 20 minutes, it is very pleasant and if you are visiting outside of summer months be sure to take a jacket or a shirt.

And when in doubt…watch a video by swissclimber1. 🙂

Enjoy the pictures!


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