EUROVELO8 Lika-Senj County a part of MEDiteranean CYCLE route


Sparkling emerald seas, kilometres of golden sand, mysterious islands, wonderful food, ancient cities…it’s not hard to find convincing reasons to travel along the Mediterranean! And what better way to do it then by bike along the roughly 5,900 km long Mediterranean Route? So, the good news is that the Croatian National Tourist Board just adopted the Action Plan for the Development of EuroVelo8 – Mediterranean Bike Routes in Croatia for the period 2018 – 2030.

EuroVelo 8 connects many destinations that are popular tourist attractions in their own right: Barcelona, Monaco, Venice, the Croatian Coast, Cyprus – the list goes on. It is little surprise therefore that the Mediterranean Route receives more interest than any other EuroVelo route. And whilst many of it’s destinations are already internationally famous, there are still lots of undiscovered gems to be found along the way.

The Croatian part of the EuroVelo8 route is 1100 km long and passes through all seven coastal Counties: Istria, Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Lika-Senj, Zadar, Šibenik-Knin, Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva.

The route takes you through the most beautiful parts of the Croatian Mediterranean coast and hinterland. You will be met by a rich cultural and historical heritage that dates from early ages and enjoy the natural beauties. The route passes through a series of larger and smaller towns and villages in which you will get to know and be able to enjoy the traditional way of life, which was kept for centuries.

Croatia’s long and uneven coastline is punctuated by islands of notorious beauty. Nature is everywhere and the colours bring together the beautiful landscapes. As green merges into blue, the limit between land and sea is blurred. You will find lots of sheltered bays of beautiful calm water. If that’s not enough to tempt you, the sun and beaches surely will.

The aim of the MedCycleTour project is the development and promotion of cycle tourism in the Mediterranean region through the introduction of the EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean route. The EuroVelo 8 route aims to connect the entire Mediterranean area, from Cádiz in the west to Cyprus in the east.

Partners from 8 Mediterranean countries are participating in the project, with partners in Croatia being the Croatian Tourist Board and the Cluster for Eco-Social Innovation and Development (CEDRA HR).

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