Explore rural Croatia series – LIKA!

Photo: Unsplash (Jonas Koel)

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Croatian Tourist Board launched the promotional campaign “Experience the local. Explore rural Croatia!” with the aim of bringing the diverse offer of Croatian rural destinations closer to the domestic market, reports croatia.hr.

The face of the campaign is beatiful Doris Pinčić. Rural Croatia is being presented through 12 thematic videos that will cover the unique tourist offer of Croatian rural areas.

If you would like to see more about this campaign, check out hastags #RuralnaHrvatska and #DoživiDomaće.

The part of the whole story was also Lika, the area near Plitvice lakes.

Lika has remained quite untouched and unsullied by human activity.

Research confirms it, the Gacka river, which is known to be one of the cleanest in the world, has a trout that grows faster in this area than anywhere else in the world.

The “Gacka Honey Trail” project was created to recognize the hardworking beekeepers of this region for their work, effort and production.

And if you’re looking for a crazy adventure, the “Pazi Medo” zip line is a place to be.

There is a good chance that you will try some of the best dairy products in the world. The cows that feed here eat exclusively grass without nutritional supplements and live in the idyll of the Lika pastures. Be sure to try some of the fantastic Lika cheeses.

And finally, do not skip the authentic delicacies of this region, which are still prepared here almost every day. Ličke pole accompanied by basa and dried meat (naturally homemade) products, many trout recipes, cabbage and dried meat, potato salads (the famous Lika potato and hundreds of ways to cook it), strudels with local fruit and the list just goes on.

Lika is the answer for everyone who has had enough of the city, crowds and hectic life.

Have a nice trip!

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