FITUR TRAVEL SHOW Croatia to present its tourism at largest show in Spain


The Croatian tourism industry will be presented at the FITUR travel show in Madrid on January 22-26. FITUR is one of the most important global tourism fairs and the largest such show in Spain.

This year it will feature over 11,000 businesses from the tourism and related sectors. Last year it saw 140,000 professionals and 110,000 other visitors, and the organizers expect these figures to be exceeded this year.

Among the exhibitors will be the Croatian Tourism Board (HTZ) and other stakeholders from the Croatian tourism industry, and the fair will be visited by Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli sand HTZ Director Kristjan Stanicic.

Cappelli is due to address a UNWTO conference on the future of sustainable tourism as part of the European Green Deal, which will be held on January 22. Before the conference, he is scheduled to meet with Spain’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Maria Reyes Maroto Illera.

The fair is important for Croatia not just because of Spanish tourists, but also because of visitors from South America.

According to data from the HTZ, 315,000 Spaniards visited Croatia in 2019, which is 8% more than in 2018.

PHOTO: Fitur Travel Show

SOURCE: Ministry of Tourism

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