FLAVOURS OF CROATIAN TRADITION Gastronomic days in Lika-Senj County!


The first “Flavours of Croatian Tradition Days” will be held from November 15 – 25 in more than 100 restaurants throughout Croatia.

The participants are restaurants which in their daily offer have traditional local food and drinks and accept determined basic standards, so in the following ten days you will be able to choose from the rich palette of Croatian traditional meals.

Among them are eight restaurants in Lika-Senj County: Bistro Ribič from Otočac, Bistro & Wine Bar Travel from Gospić, Hotel Ana from Gospić, Hotel Zvonimir from Otočac, Zir Resort from Mogorić, Albatros Restaurant from Perušić, Macola Restaurant from Korenica and Maki Restaurant from Gospić.

In the dishes of this area many influences are intertwined – on one side, those of the island and Mediterranean cuisine with dishes prepared from top-quality fish, seafood, Pag lamb and Pag cheese and on those from the other side of Velebit traditional Lika cuisine with its recognizable local ingredients: Lika potatoes, Gacka and clear mountain streams trouts, Lika sauerkraut, Lika lamb, fresh cow and sheep cheese, wild animals and forest fruits …

This is a joint event of the standard holders and system of Tourist Boards of the Counties, which, with the participation of catering establishments from 11 Counties, is organized for the first time nationally.

This event will enable gastronomy lovers to peek into the rich palette of Croatian gastronomic treasure and enjoy the range of three traditional dishes for 75 or 95 kunas only.

The goal of this project is to enrich Croatia’s tourist offerings and develop new products in the tourism sector. The flavours and scents of local cuisine, world-class wines, beverages, and home-grown farm produce are an essential component of the value and quality of the tourist offerings of a given region today.

This project is focused on developing tourist products founded on these prerequisites. Offerings in wine and gourmet tourism are viewed as a wider concept uniting farming, cuisine, oenology, and culture, which makes them an exceptionally important component of sustainable development.

For more information visit website okusi.hr.

PHOTO: Okusi.hr

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