Fuel prices will be reduced from Tuesday

Photo: Unsplash (Erik Mclean)

The Croatian government passed a new regulation on determining the highest retail prices of oil derivatives. Starting from Tuesday, the price of a liter of gasoline will be 11 lipas lower and diesel by two lipas, reports hina.hr.

The prices of oil derivatives determined based on that regulation will be further reduced compared to the current prices, so from Tuesday:
– a liter of gasoline will cost HRK 11.19 per liter, which is a decrease of 11 lipas,
– diesel HRK 12.12 per liter, which is a decrease of 2 lipas,
– blue diesel HRK 8.49 per lt, or 1 lipa less.

If there were no government measures, gasoline would be HRK 13.06 per liter, diesel HRK 14.57 per liter, and blue diesel HRK 9.38 per liter, announced the Government, which passed the decree on determining the highest retail prices of oil derivatives at a telephone session held on Saturday.

The previous way of calculating the highest prices under the regulation is also applied for the next seven days. So, the highest price is determined according to the same formula for all retail outlets in Croatia, based on a seven-day accounting period, with a limited margin of HRK 0.65 per liter for gasoline and diesel and for blue diesel HRK 0.40 per liter, the Government notes.

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