GOOD NEWS The popular Lika destination has kept last year’s prices, there are no vacancies!


It’s currently the high season in Lika.

In the Gacka valley, a range of accommodations and outdoor amenities are accessible for various budgets. Local landlords and agencies have chosen to maintain last year’s pricing, with only slight adjustments, resulting in Lika becoming a sought-after location. Despite the increased number of renters and available beds, there are no vacant spots in Gacka.

This river is truly amazing; I’ve traveled extensively and recognize its significance both for people and Croatia, comments her spouse Philip.

Mirna Gacka provides an appealing experience even for those who prefer less adventurous activities.

However, the factor that propelled the Gacka valley to the forefront of Lika’s destinations is the balance between investment and benefits. The rates remain almost on par with last year.

Private accommodations have reached full capacity, despite an eight percent growth in the number of renters and beds.

Local restaurateurs have moderately adjusted their prices, primarily covering expenses related to their operations, notably worker salaries.

Visitors, whether local or international, find the prices notably reasonable.

Lower costs are always preferable; it’s more affordable than in the Netherlands, which suits us well, mentions Ernst from the Netherlands.

Consequently, this year Otočac has positioned itself as a premier Croatian continental tourist destination, offering not only remarkable natural beauty but also a wealth of activities, amenities, and enjoyable entertainment at highly competitive prices.

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