Great Masquerade in Plitvice Lakes Municipality!


The fifth season, as we like to call it in these parts, will once again be celebrated in style in Plitvice Lakes municipality with a masquerade for all generations!

The traditional 15th Masquerade organised by the Korenica-based “NIT” Association of Women in collaboration with the Municipality, the Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board and the Macola enterprise will be held on Saturday, 3 February, at 8 PM at the restaurant Macola in Korenica.

The number of guests is increasing each year, and this time we expect over one hundred costumed guests. The guests have every reason to get as creative as possible because the best group and individual costumes will get prizes which is why we can’t wait to see what they are secretly preparing.

“We are once again happily getting involved in organising our Masquerade, an event well recognised and revisited by both locals and guests. The Masquerade is additional content we offer visitors during the pre-season, and it is the best way for all of us to have fun,” says the Plitvice Lakes County Tourist Board.

The guests will be able to enjoy the sounds of the cheerful band “Ličke drvosječe”, Plitvice Lakes folk music enthusiasts working on the preservation of the musical heritage of Lika, so fun is guaranteed!

The Masquerade traditionally lasts until early morning with lots of song and dance, so we invited everyone to put their costume on, come to Korenica on 3 February, and forget all your worries for one unforgettable day.