HighOnSteep: Hiking on Klek Mountain


Some people love to spend weekends, or every other day hiking and enjoying nature. One of them is Marin, the man behind a great website HighOnSteep where you can find the best advice about hiking in Croatia.

One of his favourite mountains is Klek, an imposing giant at the eastern edge of Velika Kapela, above the city of Ogulin. Klek is one of the most attractive and the most popular hiking destinations in Croatia, one of the best-known Croatian botanist reserves and home to a number of protected species of mountain flora.

Also, did you know that according to the 17th-century tale, during the nights of storm, the summit of Klek is a midnight gathering point for witches and fairies?

Between Klek and Ogulin, there is a very beautiful hiking trail, taking 3 hours of hiking to get to the top of the Mountain.

Everything is well marked so don`t be afraid to try this adventure. Why? Scroll down the photos to see the final result of the hiking.

Thank you HighOnSteep for sharing your photos and experience, and make sure to follow his webpage for more adventure routes!


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