His majesty – Velebit


Did you know that Velebit is the largest mountain in Croatia? Yes, a challenge for every adventure lover, and an ideal destination for an active outdoor vacation. But be careful, you have to be well prepared, experienced and rested. Just like amazingly talented Ana Samaržija, a photographer that sent us this breathtaking photos from Zavižan.

Ana suffers from albinims, and has only 10% eyesight, so these photos are the best proof that everything is possible!

She crossed many marked mountain trails on Velebit, and amazing facts is that Velebit hides more than 20 climber’s lodgings and shelters for the accommodation of mountaineers.

The entire mountain range area is a protected nature park, and North Velebit and Paklenica are national parks.

Enjoy Ana`s photos and visit her website and Facebook page!

“Being different is your blessing, not a deficiency, and during life you will grow and fulfill your dreams.” – Ana Samaržija

PHOTO: Ana Samaržija