INTERESTING NEWS Lonjsko Polje Park now allows payments with Bitcoin


Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity over the years; their progress can be seen since 2008 when Bitcoin was created. El Salvador marked a milestone by becoming the pioneer country to accept Bitcoin payments legally. The token would be a legal currency that will be parallel to the United States USD.

The Lonjsko Polje National Reserve in Croatia has entered the decentralized market and allows payments with Bitcoin. According to local media, the Croatian park will accept other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment with a value equivalent to the Kuna.

Users who want to enter Lonjsko Polje will buy their tickets through Electrocoin PayCek using crypto. Each person will have access to the Strug River or the Posavina Safari inside the nature reserve with this ticket. Visitors can even use Bitcoin payments to cover different services that the park offers.

Marija Kusmis, Lonjsko Polje park manager, says that the park will be the first nature reserve to use Bitcoin payments. Investors who are professionals and novices will have the privilege of visiting one of the most enigmatic parks in Croatia using their preferred crypto.

SOURCE: Cryptopolitan

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