We investigated rules you need to follow – actually, there are a lot of them


Visiting the oldest and the biggest national park in Croatia will definitely blow your mind. I mean just look at this…

But to make sure you are safe and to keep nature as beautiful for years to come, there are some rules you need to know and follow.

It is not allowed to:

  • damage the trees
  • devastate and pick the plants
  • or feed the animals

Also don’t litter (ever, not just here), and although you will have the great urge to – it is a big no-no to swim here. Don’t even think to:

  • fish
  • make fire
  • camp
  • or get into the water

Don’t listen to the loud music because other visitors are enjoying the silence, and don’t walk the dog unleashed.

And last but maybe most important – don’t walk outside the marked footpaths. Keep safe, take care of yourself and your friends, and cherish the best memories forever!