Is this the nicest mountain shelter in Croatia?


The Croatian Mountaineering Home Kapela from Zagreb last month finished work on renovating the Miroslav Hirtz shelter on White Rocks and has turned it into one of the most impressive in Croatia.

The renovation of this largest mountaineering shelter in Croatia was carried out during the spring and summer, according to the project and under the guidance of architect Ivan Juretić.

Since the shelter is located in the heart of Velika Kapela, in a place away from the roads, a special challenge was the transport of several tons of material to the shelter, as well as the removal of worn-out material removed from the old shelter, the Croatian Mountaineering Association said.

All this was done in a series of work actions by members of the Croatian Mountaineering Home Kapela with the support of members of several mountaineering associations.

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SOURCE: Croatia Week

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