Legendary chef Stevo Karapandža is coming to Legends of Plitvice Valleys!


The Legends of Plitvice Valleys event is drawing closer, and the programme is becoming more and more attractive! If you still haven’t started planning the next extended weekend in June, then this is definitely the article for you. Time is ticking, and do we have a proposal for you!

Have you heard of the festival Legends of Plitvice Valleys? Did you know that the area of the Rakovica Municipality is rich in fascinating legends and important historical events?

Let’s see what we have in store for you this time!

On 23 June, near Drežnik (Old Town), the historical fort above the river Korana, history will come to life in the fullest sense of the word!

The magnificent historical location will host a very interesting and diverse group including Eugen Kvaternik, the leader of the Rakovica Rebellion, the serious Seressaners, a historical elite military police force in their impressive uniforms, the Iapod tribe, expert jewellers whose designs will be presented at the event, and the river Korana, a beauty who will come to life for a day to tell the story of her significance for the people of the region.

Gastronomic duel with Stevo Karapandža

A well know guest is also coming to the festival – the man, the legend, the renowned chef Stevo Karapandža, who will judge a gastronomic duel.

Two teams, the Cultural Artistic Society Rakovica and the Folk Society Otočac, who have fantastic chefs among their ranks, will face off in preparing autochthonous dishes, and the three-man panel of judges comprising of expert chefs will determine the winner.

While taking a break from cooking, the societies will present traditional songs and dances, and they have both announced that they will fight for victory with everything they’ve got.

A programme for all generations and majestic horses!

The festival includes thematic workshops for kids, games such as sack races and throwing stones from medieval slings, archaeological research, presentations of domestic products and handcrafted items, and much more.

Legends of Plitvice Valleys will also be visited by horses from nearby jockey clubs and they will be available to the visitors, who can also expect special prizes.

One final surprise

The organisers invite all guests to stay at the event until sunset, when they are going to unveil a special surprise! We don’t know what it’s about, but we definitely want to find out so see you on 23 June at the fort in Rakovica!

The event’s official hashtag is #Legende2018, and you can follow as on social networks and the Facebook event at the following link: Legende Plitvičkih dolina 2018.


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