MOONLIKE ROUTE Try the exciting moto route that ends in Novalja


Winding, curvy roads are a dream ride for every motorcyclist. Add to that pristine nature and amazing landscape, delicious food and warm welcome provided by the locals – and what else can you ask for?

This gives you an answer to the question posed in the tile. And that is why every motorcyclist simply must go to the Lika-Senj County, home to spectacular sights and inviting meals, rich in curvy roads that will delight any motorcycle rider and that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Mystic and beautiful, preserved and wild, unique in its combination of elements – stone, rocks, woods, streams, rivers, cordiality and welcoming smile of hosts. Ride through the Lika-Senj County, get to know it, indulge in it, because it’s simply – breathtaking!

Let`s tide together on the most beautiful motorcycle road in Lika-Senj County – a 65 kilometres long route that starts in Lukovo Šugarje and ends in Novalja.

The route starts 18 kilometres south of Karlobag, below a barren and steep Velebit slope to the coast, at a place called Lukovo Šugarje. This picturesque tourist settlement with several villages surrounding it was named after the cove of the same name, connected with the open see by a strait.

The journey starts at a well known section of the Adriatic Coastal Road. You may want to stop your smooth and playful motorcycle ride spiced with numerous perfectly shaped curves only to take a photo or two of a magnificent view of the
island of Pag.

At a place called Mazurana you will find a perfect viewpoint. Proceed along the route and leave the slopes of Velebit behind you and the road will take you to the coast right next to the sea.

Proceed along the Adriatic Coastal Road northward at Karlobag and turn to the Prizna ferry port. This section of the route is amazing in itself in spring and autumn, but if you happen to travel during the tourist season, be careful – cars waiting to board the ferry might be lurking around any corner.

The ride from Žigljen to Novalja and Lun is more of a moonlike experience, with its vast, peculiar white stone surroundings, used by some famous car producers (Mercedes, Porsche) as a perfect background for photographs of their most prestigious models, which illustrates just how special this part of the Lika-Senj County is.

After indulging in the quietude of deep blue Adriatic, you will be ready to end this fascinating journey. And the best way to do it is by slowly drinking a cocktail at Novalja and enjoying the sunset.

For more information about this and other routes go to the website Visit Lika.

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