PLITVICE MOTO ROUTES – From the County center to superb Plitvice experience!


After we finished the moto route from Plitvice Lakes to Dobroselo we are ready for our next adventure! Our exciting motorcycle ride continues.

In the following article we present another, more demanding route from Gospić to Korenica. This 89 kilometers long route is full of adventure and beautiful scenery, but you have to be prepared, so let`s start.

This time the ride is reversed, we drive towards Korenica where we will finish the adventure with an exciting visit to the beautiful Plitvice Lakes.


We start from the centre of our Lika-Senj County, the city of Gospić towards the south, eager to see many interesting sights on the way. This drive will last several hours and we will ride very carefully.

After only 32 km drive through the beautiful continental part of Lika, we arrive at an idyllic place called Sveti Rok. If you enjoy macadam and light terrain rides this road called “Majstorska cesta” should be your choice. The road is almost two centuries old and in the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, it united Dalmatia with the inland.

Here you will experience all the charms of solitude, silence and adventure. In 2007 the Ministry of Culture proclaimed “Majstorska cesta” as historic road and historic good. That decision saved the road from the commercialization by preventing its asphalting. Therefore this adventure is unique.

You will feel like a hero from the famous German movie called Winnetou also filmed at Plitvice! Did you know that this landscape, surrounded by impressive stone pillars, “played” the Wild West in the same series of movies?


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Winnetou und der Schatz im Silbersee😊 Euch noch einen schönen Samstag.

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At the highest point of the road – the slope Mali Alan, the greenery completely disappears. The landscape will hypnotize you! For a moment you will lose a touch of reality and you will forever remember the view from Tulove Grede.

Of course, this adventure can only be considered if your motorcycle is adequate. Otherwise, in Sveti Rok continue to Lovinac, then to Udbina and finish in Korenica where you can relax.

This route ends in Plitvice Lakes with a visit to the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park, lunch and overnight stay.

If you are a fan of two fast wheels, be sure to choose one of the two official moto routes that start and end in the Plitvice Lakes Municipality.

More information on websites Discover Plitvice and Plitvice Active.