OUR PERSONAL RECORD Best results ever in August 2021!


We are happy to say that we made our personal record in August this year when it comes to a number of readers on our website!

According to Google Analytics, in August we had 123.29% more page views than in the previous month. When it comes to the number of unique readers, we had as many as 99.72% more readers than in July 2021.

“We are extremely pleased to have achieved such results after the serious investments we made in The Plitvice Times in 2021, primarily translation into 16 languages. The release of the print edition of the magazine at Tisak kiosks has certainly contributed to these results, the expansion of the webshop and our other activities.” say from Prilika Group.

It is certainly important to mention that this result was achieved during the excellent tourist season in the Republic of Croatia. Tourists read The Plitvice Times as a relevant source with news from Plitvice, Lika, Croatia and around the world. Thank you for reading!

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