Pag Triangle – UFO landing site people from around the world visit


Stories about UFOs or unidentified flying objects have always occupied human imagination.

Just like the one coming from the island of Pag in Lika-Senj County, where one of the most researched and most interesting remains is certainly the Pag Triangle, a megalithic imprint in the midst of sharp rocks. The triangle itself measures approximately 32 times 32 times 24 feet.

Many researchers have come here to determine where it had come from and how it had been created at that very place, in the middle of the Pag rocks, since it cannot be reached by any vehicle or machine. The distinctiveness of that imprint is also evidenced by the stone of which The Pag triangle was made, different from the stones which surround it, having a lighter colour than the surrounding area.

Since there is no scientific explanation, a plethora of theories have emerged during the time, but most often the following two theories are being mentioned.

According to the first theory, represented by UFO researchers, The Pag Triangle is a result of the landing of the alien spaceship. According to another theory, The Pag Triangle is the work of a highly developed civilization that had inhabited The Earth tens of thousands of years ago.

To get to the Pag Triangle, you have to do an hour and a half of walking. No neon tourist signs, fancy alien action figures or tourists.

When you go up the hill, in the South-East direction from the Pag Triangle, you will find an ancient worshipping site with rocks arranged in symmetrical patterns.

The Pag Triangle was discovered in 1999 by a Croatian aircraft passing over the peninsula. In 1999, the position of Pag Triangle was pointing towards Sirius star, linking Orion star as well. The myth tells of a trangle-shaped craft that came from the stars thousands of years ago and its passengers of that met the inhabitants of Pag.

It is rumoured that the locals of Pag often see triangle shaped UFOs and strange lights in the sky – even nowadays. It is also rumoured that many UFO cults have visited the location and use it to contact the extraterrestrials.

For more facts, check out this interesting documentary, and have in mind – the truth is out there! 🙂

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