PLITVICE PERFUME New rebranded line


Plitvice Perfume – women’s perfume, inspired by the characteristic scents of the Lika and Plitvice area, has been refreshed with a new packaging. A well-known souvenir with buyers from around the world, through this interesting rebranding, will surely reach even more buyers.

The new logo and the outlines of orchids on a dark background, evoke nature and the scents woven into it.

The greenery and freshness combine perfectly with the scent in the bottle as the base of the Plitvice perfume consists of fresh notes of plum, moss, lily of the valley and orchid – types typical of the Plitvice and Lika area.

“The scent is what customers praised the most and why they returned to it faithfully, and now they will be greeted with a box with a special message that reveals the background story and all the secrets of this premium souvenir.”

The perfume, which has been sold all over the world, hopes to attract more people through its new rebranding.

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