Ponge`06 – Scarf by Rubedo (90 x 90 cm)


Scarf Ponge`06

Dimentions: 90 x 90 cm

Amount: 1

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Materijal: Silk

Dimentions: 90 x 90 cm

Amount: 1

Technique: Handmade


Mira Panjković was born in 1949 in Novo Selo, not far from Plitvice Lakes. She finished seven grades of primary school in Lički Petrovo Selo, and the eighth in Bihać.

In 1969 she finished high school also in Bihać. At the beginning of 1976, she graduated from the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb and received a degree in wood industry engineering.

In the same year she was employed in a wood industry in Bjelovar. This lasted for the next thirty years, when the 2006 retirement days began.

She has been in love with painting since birth, and despite her technical education, she has always looked at the world through the color and strokes of a brush.

During her schooling and work, she had little contact with painting, but always ‘stolen’ some time for some portraits in pencil or charcoal.

She has been actively involved in painting since 1986, when her first oil paintings were made, and since then she has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions (Bjelovar, Čazma, Daruvar, Pakrac, Ivanjska, Dubrovnik, Zagreb …).

She has participated in numerous donation and humanitarian actions organized by LUB Bjelovar or other art associations in Croatia.

Oil and acrylic painting on canvas, watercolors and pastels, and watercolors on silk.

The encounter with silk happened back in the nineties and that is when the first painted scarves, shawls and blouses were created. This encounter becomes a love born from the magic of fine silk threads and the discovery of ecological dyes made from natural materials, which chemically bind to fiber molecules make silk shiny, soft and resistant to light and washing.


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