The Plitvice Times – Autumn 2018 / Online issue


Number: 1

Month/Year: 10/2018

Pages: 20

Type of purchase: Online, downloadable



The project, that began last October, has its new milestone – the first issue of The Plitvice Times magazine.

The Plitvice Times, that was launched last year in October, is the first and only tourist magazine covering Plitvice area, best known for its beautiful nature and the unforgettable beauty of waterfalls and the natural enchantment of the environment. Challenges of new times, as well as the needs of tourists and visitors for quality and fast information, encouraged us to give them a solution. Our know-how has included the primary information about the facilities in the vicinity of Plitvice, including several counties and many other beautiful locations that are not touristy and have great potential. Our magazine operates on a daily basis including a webshop with interesting attractive products, social networking with growing numbers, and now a crown – print edition as our ultimate pleasure in the first year of The Plitvice Times.

The first printed edition of The Plitvice Times brings you interesting stories of which some media are completely unnoticed, but are very attractive and in our journal are further described. Throughout the magazine we covered a wide area around Plitvice, so you will find texts about; the abandoned air base Željava, the castle in Ozalj, an active vacation at the foot of Plješivica mountain, a story from Rastoke, but also the little known facts about orchids and perfume that arose in honor of this valuable plant. “Humans of Plitvice” is a category in which we present out tourists who enjoy their tour experiences, and the Photo corner is a prominent corner where we highlight the photo of our collaborator. Throughout the content we have not forgotten local people from the Plitvice area, so this time you will find a story about Tamara, a travel blogger who travels from Plitvice to the world. Here is also a story about Oprah Winfrey and connection with Italian Vogue.

On behalf of the editorial team, thanks to everyone who participated in making of the first issue of The Plitvice Times. Enjoy it, and we are already preparing for the new number!

The Plitvice Times Team

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