The Plitvice Times – Summer 2020 / Online issue


Number: 7

Month/Year: 8/2020

Pages: 60

Type of purchase: Online, downloadable



While the year 2020 has challenged us with corona crisis, in the meantime our sixth (spring) issue was the most-read issue ever with over 100,000 readers on and print edition distributed to all 60 points in Croatia, Austria, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the corona crisis, we have concluded that The Plitvice Times magazine is moving forward, and now you`re reading our summer issue. It was a complex and strategic decision, but Plitvice area deserves this kind of decision. The stories we bring and readers who contact us from all over the world, need a place where they can read all about the beauties of Croatia and Lika.

This season we also did some video production, and our team visited as many as nine locations within a radius of 1000 kilometers! If you missed some of them you can watch all the videos with the help of this magazine. Just scan the QR codes made for each video. Three rivers, one sunset, climbing the mountains, walking the natural beauties and much more…

We also visited interesting events like „Tesla Power of lights“ in Gospić and the opening of hiking trails in Barać Caves near Rakovica. Our photographer Josip Durdov also visited Majerovo vrilo, Zavratnica and Cesarica, and made a special photo session in Perušić near the Turkish Tower.

Among the tourist infrastructure, we visited two facilities – a modern bicycle station built in Lički Osik near Gospić, and a large multifunctional Cultural Information Center in the center of Korenica.

There are many more stories in this issue, and we challenge you to read them all and send us a feedback about your favorite ones!

Finally, we thank all the advertisers who decided to advertise in the middle of the corona crisis. Hopefully it will all be over soon…

Enjoy reading!

The Plitvice Times Team

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