The Plitvice Times – Winter 2020 / Online issue


Number: 8

Month/Year: 12/2020

Pages: 60

Type of purchase: Online, downloadable



Exactly these two words we are using as an introduction this time. That’s right! Our brand, The Plitvice Times, along with this eighth edition, celebrates three years of existence. First of all, we would like to thank you all, the ones who were there for us as well as the ones who were against us because without either of you, we wouldn’t be celebrating our three successful years.

Small Lika, in worldly ratio, got a big story three years ago – global The Plitvice Times. We wanted to build a global product that can be read and proud of its content and quality all the same in Dubai, Rome, Vienna, Zagreb, New York and any other metropolis. We consider our mission successful, because the feedback from our readers worldwide says so and this feedback keeps coming.

Was it easy? No, and it is still not easy today. Regardless, 8 editions are behind us, more than 480 pages of mostly author’s material, countless cooperation and more than 1 000 000 printed pages on the market. We lost count on how many readers there is exactly, but our reach is recorded in over 90% of the countries of the World and that speaks for itself.

In the year of the Corona virus, The Plitvice Times issued its standard three editions. It is important to highlight that we did everything in order to keep our story alive. Therefore we are greatly thankful to all our associates throughout 2020 as we continue to move forward.

Three main subjects of this edition are: success of The Plitvice Times and Prilika Group, which we joined as a new member, winter and winter joys, Corona crisis, future of tourism and travel in the year of 2021.

Flip through our pages, comment and share.

Editorial note of The Plitvice Times

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