Štefanija’s Island – a jewel on Lake Kozjak you can visit by boat


A visit to the Plitvice Lakes County includes many activities, and one activity tourists greatly enjoy is rowing in boats around Štefanija’s Island on Lake Kozjak.

This is an exquisite green island only 275 meters long and 60 meters wide located in the middle of Lake Kozjak, and it was named after the famous princess Stephanie. Princess Stephanie was the first female member of the Habsburg-Lorraine dynasty to visit Plitvice Lakes after the empress and queen Caroline’s visit seventy years earlier.

This location is full of history and fascinating legends. Lake Kozjak (koza = goat), for example, the largest lake in Plitvice, got its name after a legend that goats drowned in the lake when they tried to walk to Štefanija’s Island over thin ice.

Štefanija’s Island is privately owned and there are no tourist excursions to it, but people can view it while rowing in boats. Two-person rowboats can be rented on site.

This is just one of many adventures you can have when visiting Plitvice Lakes Municipality!

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