TASTY AND TRADITIONAL A taste of Plitvice`s culture throught food


Delicious traditional dishes are the most beautiful decoration of each area, and the area of the Plitvice Lakes Municipality is one of those worth visiting just because of the local cuisine.

Sweet and salty recipes that are passed on to generations are a reflection of the life habits and history of this region, as well as the skills of local chefs who are very appreciated on the Croatian gastro scene.

One thing that characterizes the traditional dishes of the Plitvice region is the simplicity brought to perfection. Today, Plitvice`s chefs still use many of the same techniques in order to showcase the past, but have incorporated new flavors and modern applications.

Do not leave the area without trying the famous Plitvice Strudel stuffed with cheese, apples and nuts, and for those who prefer salty dishes the choice is really rich.

We recommend homemade trout, meat dishes with potatoes, cabbage, delicious goulash of indigenous breed Buša and of course homemade cheese and bacon that disappear from the table when served with homemade bread, prosciutto or ham.

One of the special delicacies are “Peka” – a way to prepare food under the lid and roast meat, served with fresh local vegetables.

The Plitvice area is rich in mushrooms, herbs, and people traditionally use various types of fruit like plums, pears and apples to make brandy called Rakija, usually served as apetizers.


Some say the brandy of this area is one of the best, but you will have to try it yourself, just like we do. Visit the impressive Plitvice Lakes for incredible natural beauty, and stay longer for excellent food.

Believe us, you will not regret it!



Source: Discover Plitvice/promo article

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